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Week One

Today we had our first session!

First we learnt what an ATTRIBUTE was and how we can describe objects and things using these.

We used the word SCUMPS to help us describe something in detail.

Purpose / Parts

Then we played a great game to test our knowledge: Attribits
We had to match the cards like dominoes on the basis of their attributes.
Examples include: big/small, shape, colour, thick/thin and straight sides.
This game encourages quick CRITICAL THINKING: analysis, synthesis and decision making.
We had a great time!

"Thinking Skills Homefun"
Today group members were given their very first Thinking Skills Homefun (Homework)
They have until NEXT Monday to complete it and it needs to be brought to our next group time on Monday 16th October.

If you didn't get the homefun sheet or if you need a new copy you can download a PDF version here - Water Alphabet Thinkers Key Worksheet.

Our Great Thinker of the Week for Week One is: