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Week Two

The first thing we did today was share the results of our Water Alphabet Key Homefun. There will be a post later this week detailing some of the best words.

Today we played a different game do do with attributes. This time we had objects and things to match. We had to use scumps to think of the many ways these two things could be similar. We came up with many interesting ideas!

The next thing we did was look at the attributes of water. We had to think about what it looks like, sounds like and feels like. We are going to complete an activity for homework to investigate this further!

"Thinking Skills Homefun"
Today group members were given their next piece of Thinking Skills Homefun (Homework)
They have until NEXT Monday to complete it and it needs to be brought to our next group time on Monday 16th October.

This week we are looking at the attibutes of WATER. We are using the y-chart to record all of our ideas about what water looks like; sounds like and feels like. This should be a great chance to use lots of descriptive words. If you get stuck think of SCUMPS and you may be able to think from a different angle and come up with new ideas.

If you've lost your sheet or need a new one click here to download a new Y-Chart water worksheet in PDF form.

Our Great Thinker of the Week for Week Two is: