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Week Four

Firstly, well done on your Homefun from last week, I really enjoyed reading all of your great thoughts about water! It's great that you can stretch your minds and think in SIX different ways about the one topic!

Today we had a great time sharing our thoughts and playing the attributes games from Think Shop. We are getting very good... next week we will play the game as snap and see just how good we are!

We then talked about making decisions... we make many decisions everyday... some as small and as simple as what shoes or clothes to wear! This week we had an interesting topic to think about concerning water...

"Thinking Skills Homefun"
Today group members were given a "Making a Decision" sheet. The topic we are trying to think about is: "We should all drink water that has been treated, cleaned and recycled". Our initial thoughts were that we wouldn't like to be drinking recycled toilet water!!! We will see how we all think about the idea after we have carefully considered the issue using both yellow and black hat thinking.

Our Great Thinker of the Week for Week Four is: