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Week Six

Well done Thinking Skills kids, I really enjoyed the great discussion we had today over last week's homefun task. I agree that it would take some getting used to, but recycling water is definetly something important that we may have to look into for the future!

Today we looked at another one of Tony Ryan's Thinkers Keys.
Previously we had used his Alphabet Key.

Today we looked at the "Question Key"
It was a bit of a challenge for us today because the question key confronts students with an ANSWER and they have to suggest questions associated with the answer.

We started as a group brainstorming questions that would go with the answer of "Mapua School" and then we worked in pairs. Each pair chose an answer and set about creating questions that could go with it.
This proved challenging because it is hard to ensure that the answer is exact. For example: "What is the most beautiful, flying creature?" - is the answer only butterflies!

For homefun this week you need to think about the questions that could lead to "Water", "Ice" and "Steam" as being the answers.
I can't wait to see what you think of next week!

Our great thinker for this week was: