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Week Seven

What a fun session we had today :)

First we shared our question key questions, some of our favourites were:

Answer: Water
Q: What runs but cannot walk? (Kelly)
Q: What comes from clouds? (Peter)
Q: What is H2O? (Molly & Mac)

Answer: Ice
Q: What is frozen water? (Bethan)
Q: What melts into water? (Hannah)
Q: What is really cold? (Tait)

Answer: Steam
Q: What comes out of a boiling pot? (Lauryn & Tait)
Q: What is evaporating water? (Hannah)
Q: What is the only water you can't see? (Bethan)
Q: What fogs up the bathroom mirror? (Molly)
Q: What is the gas that comes out of water? (Peter)

Today we looked at DOUBLE BUBBLE MAPS and how they can be used.

We did these example double bubbles as a group. Have a look at all the neat things we thought of to compare one animal to the other!

This week for Homefun we have a double bubble map to create: comparing steam and liquid. This should prove challenging... take your time and work on it over several days :)

Our Great Thinker this week is: